How it works

There are just a few easy steps:

  1. First you need to join up as a member, BYW its FREE
    (Note Companies and Organizations invited to join as the parent entity)
  2. Then create a blog post on an approved topic (that just topics that are broadly accepted as reasonable, see our guidelines for details)
  3. If the topic is straight forward inside guidelines it is approved immediately. If there is a risk of offending other members, we might ask you to dilute it a bit or send it to our content team (made up of members) for approval.
  4. THEN: 1st_Quiz will help create and publish your ideas in the most suitable format
  5. PLUS: Your project will be broadcast through Social media, newsletter and partner websites
  6. Then you can get the results posted to you on completion, or login and view them from the 1st-Quiz website.
  7. You will also get access to the survey results of other members who have shared their knowledge.


Sound easy ..? that’s because it is..!