Finding the Best Salespeople in 2017 – Step 1 Interview Questions

Selecting the right sales person for your business is as always critical component for success. One of the questions that often comes up is how do you find and keep the best sales people? The answer is not simple but recruiting great sales people is as much about training, induction and empowering as it is about selection. For success you must master all four aspects.

Our guest quizzer for this month is Paul Greening who has given up his time to provide a quick quiz to help you. Feel free to use this quiz to share your views on the questions you might ask during that all important first interview or add your own questions in the space provided.

When we have reached the minimum number of responses we will send you the results and follow up with another quiz on a related topic that will help you when recruiting and on boarding sales people that are the best fit for your organization.

Please enjoy!

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Finding the best salespeople 2017 – Step 1 First Interview questions

I'm often asked how do you find the best sales people? We've been helping businesses find sales people for more than 20 years. We know that finding and keeping high performing sales people consistently ranks as a real challenge for business leaders. In our 2017 we're asking more than 20,000 business leaders to share how they found their best sales people. If you complete the survey we'll share the results directly with you.  

Please nominate Yes / No the interview questions you believe give the best insight into candidates during the first interview.

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