1st QUIZ is a resource site for both business and community to gain insights from their respective communities using friendly, entertaining (fun) information gathering mediums.

We choose topics and messaging that draw upon an individuals life experiences, make use of their cognitive / perceptive and reasoning to build valuable knowledge.

Topics are not selected at random nor are they Trivial.

The best topics are where the task itself is easy to complete, the material not overly controversial but challenging and/or thought provoking in nature.

Customer quotes:

This is great, there are many sites providing trivial Quizzes and polls, but the 1st-Quiz site has quality guidelines that restrict the type of content to be published. In this way the participant knows the overall objective is to create positive outcomes and as a consequence their answers are an accurate guard of opinion. 1st-Quiz has helped us, because from the outset it is made clear to our audience the results would be used to provide them with real life benefits and this created sufficient incentive for those responding to make meaningful choices when completing the tasks.

…or something like this:

We use our own surveys and polls, but using 1st-Quiz means the respondent understand the outcome of their task is anonymously shared and used by industry and community bodies to provide innovation we can all enjoy.

You can contribute your own Posts and surveys to 1st-Quiz by completing the appropriate registration form for the type of subscription that is most suitable to your needs.


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