1st QUIZ is a resource site for anyone private individuals, businesses and community representatives to post articles as either Quizzes, Questionnaires or Surveys to their audience and share the results publicly.

Why is this different to  sharing from your own website or Blog?

  • 1st Quiz is an independent organization that derives no revenue from your cause
  • 1st Quiz is vendor agnostic platform for business professionals
  • You can promote your cause to a broader audience and use our RSS / Twitter channels to raise awareness
  • 1st Quiz derives no income or revenue from your post
  • Those who are responding need not fear their details are being misused
  • No spam, all posts must be a genuine inquiry intended for the public good
  • Back links encouraged where they add value to the content
  • No long boring articles please, all posts are questions
  • Post are fun and interesting topics
  • Everyone can get the results for FREE

If you want to know more check out How it Works